HSBC in the UK

The London office of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation opened in 1865, but HSBC’s heritage in the UK can be traced back even further. Find out about the bank's history, management structure, education and environmental programmes.

Today, the UK is home to HSBC’s headquarters at 8 Canada Square in Canary Wharf, London. The bank operates an extensive branch network across the UK and also offers a range of commercial, corporate and private banking services.

Financial information

To find financial reports for HSBC Bank plc and other subsidiaries of HSBC Holdings plc please visit the
Subsidiary company reporting  page of our corporate website.

Management team

Find out about HSBC’s management team in the UK which is headed by Chief Executive Antonio Simoes.

History timeline

Learn about HSBC’s history in the UK. Find out how we grew our business and developed our head office in London by reading our history timeline.


HSBC invests in community programmes that support education, life skills and entrepreneurship. We also encourage our staff to volunteer and help them and customers make donations to charity. Find out more on the community page.

Postcode lending data

Find data on HSBC’s lending to small and medium enterprises, residential mortgages and unsecured personal loans on our postcode lending page.