30 November 2022

HSBC UK announces branch network plans for 2023

With customer habits continuing to migrate from physical to digital banking, HSBC UK has set out plans for its branch network in 2023, identifying those that will close, as well as outlining investment in its branch infrastructure and digital banking.

The comprehensive review of HSBC UK branch network in 2023 will see:

  • Closure of 114 branches from April 2023;
  • Tens of millions of pounds invested in updating and improving its remaining branch network;
  • Provision of free tablet devices and one-to-one coaching for selected customers as part of its post-closure strategy;
  • Significant investment in expanding the digital functionality of HSBC UK’s digital banking; and
  • Continued investment of millions of pounds in support for Shared Banking Hubs and Community Access to Cash.

Over the past five years, use of the bank’s branch network by regular customers has fallen by 65%. Footfall in the vast majority (74%) of closing branches has reduced by at least 50%. The decline in branch use has accelerated so much since the Covid-19 pandemic that some of the branches closing are now serving fewer than 250 customers a week.

Conversely, the growth in adoption of remote banking shows a digital-first approach is how more and more customers now want their needs met:

  • Over nine in ten transactions (97.5%) are now completed digitally;
  • usage of the mobile app has almost tripled (up by 280%) since 2017;
  • 250% more digital payments made than five years ago;
  • a 175% increase in cheques deposited through the app since its introduction in 2018, at a time when cheque usage is falling;
  • 99% of all personal loans and 98% of credit cards now taken out digitally;
  • over 220k contacts with the bank over social media in the last three years and almost five times more contact through social media so far in 2022 than in the whole of 2017; and
  • HSBC UK’s secure Live Chat service increased 10-fold in the last three years, handling millions of customer queries each year.

Jackie Uhi, HSBC UK’s Managing Director of UK Distribution, said: “People are changing the way they bank and footfall in many branches is at an all-time low, with no signs of it returning. Banking remotely is becoming the norm for the vast majority of us. Not only can we do it anywhere at any time of day or night, many more things can be done at the customers’ convenience and don’t rely on a branch visit.

“Branches will continue to play an important role in day-to-day banking, while providing specialist face-to-face support in moments that matter. In addition to our branch network, customers can access services through the Post Office network, our Community Pop-ups and soon-to-come Banking Hubs, alongside Live Chat, social media and through telephone banking.

“The decision to close a branch is never easy or taken lightly, especially if we are the last branch in an area, so we’ve invested heavily in our ‘post closure’ strategy, including providing free tablet devices to selected branch customers who do not already have a device to bank digitally, alongside one-to-one coaching to help them migrate to digital banking.”

Jackie Uhi added: “Our commitment to supporting the UK’s new banking hubs and other community access to cash initiatives under development remains steadfast and we look forward to significant and quicker progress being made in 2023, now much of the groundwork for setting up Cash Access UK Ltd, has been done.”

To support customers where a branch has closed, since 2021 HSBC UK has:

  • Provided 1,500 free Samsung tablet devices to customers who have been selected by local branches who are unable to afford or have no access to equipment to help with digital banking;
  • Carried out almost 1,350 HSBC@Home training sessions, educating 10,750 customers and building knowledge and skills when it comes to digital banking; and
  • Arranged and attended over 200 community ‘pop up’ events in 2022, providing additional support to customers in areas where a branch may be closing, with over 350 planned in 2023.

Jackie Uhi commented: “When a branch is closing it is important that we support customers in that area, whether they are regular or infrequent branch users. One way we have supported selected customers is to help them transition to digital banking by providing them with a free tablet device and training them up. The new tablet now enables them to securely keep control of their finances remotely.”

Media enquiries to:

HSBC UK Media Relations:

Steve Gracey: steve.gracey@hsbc.com / 020 7991 4118

Email: UKPressOffice@hsbc.co.uk

Notes to editors:

  1. A list of the branches designated for closure and refurbishment can be found here.
  2. Following the closures, HSBC UK will have a branch network of 327 branches.
  3. Provision of free tablet devices with training (for our vulnerable customers where digital servicing would support) in surrounding areas where branches are closing.
  4. HSBC UK and other UK banks have agreed to share services to ensure communities have fair access to cash. New shared services will complement other industry initiatives to support cash and banking and rolled out alongside free ATMs, enhanced Post Office services, and cashback without purchase. Shared banking hubs are set to be introduced in Acton (West London), Brixham (Devon), Carnoustie (Angus), Cottingham (Yorks); Knaresborough (North Yorks) and Syston (Leicestershire) – building on the experience of the existing hubs piloted in Rochford, Essex and Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire.


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