HSBC UK unleashes the luck of its lions in Birmingham

14 September 2018

HSBC unleashes the luck of the lions with Feng Shui ceremony at new Birmingham headquarters

HSBC completes ring-fencing six months ahead of legal deadline

2 July 2018

HSBC completed the process to set up its ring-fenced bank, HSBC UK Bank plc (HSBC UK), on 1 July 2018.

Building a new bank

1 November 2017

Setting up a ring-fenced bank is a chance to serve customers better than ever, says Ian Stuart, Chief Executive, HSBC UK.

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Retail banking press releases


14 Sep 2018 HSBC UK unleashes the luck of its lions in Birmingham


16 Aug 2018 HSBC announces changes to savings interest rates and SVR English PDF 347.28 KB


2 Jul 2018 HSBC completes ring-fencing six months ahead of legal deadline English PDF 264.29 KB


23 Jun 2018 HSBC UK launches strongest current account for students with more apprentices than ever eligible English PDF 152.81 KB

14 Jun 2018 HSBC UK aims to improve nation’s bank-life balance English PDF 189.53 KB

11 Jun 2018 HSBC UK makes changes to help people buy their first home and cuts mortgage rates English PDF 257.35 KB


9 May 2018 HSBC UK launches connected money app English PDF 309.25 KB


18 Apr 2018 Chinese students in UK can pay tuition fees directly by WeChat - HSBC English PDF 80.40 KB

HSBC UK refreshes its premium offering to give greater flexibility for customers and their families English PDF 218.64 KB


26 Mar 2018 HSBC introduces range of 95% LTV mortgages available through brokers English PDF 148.97 KB

15 Mar 2018 UK Gender Pay Gap English PDF 589.04 KB

6 Mar 2018 HSBC Dudley celebrates 125th anniversary English PDF 462.08 KB


28 Feb 2018 UK homeowner finances more resilient than those in other countries new bank study finds English PDF 372.81 KB

26 Feb 2018 Expats feel at home in UK cities English PDF 156.66 KB

13 Feb 2018 One in seven young brits would buy a home with a stranger – particularly if they’re a pet-loving doctor – to get their foot on the property ladder, new HSBC study reveals English PDF 142.42 KB


31 Jan 2018 HSBC UK lowers rates on higher LTV mortgages English PDF 217.91 KB

22 Jan 2018 HSBC mortgages now available through St. James’s Place advisers English PDF 206.77 KB


7 Dec 2017 New HSBC UK Mobile Banking App is now available to Android customers English PDF 136.59 KB

5 Dec 2017 HSBC UK and British cycling find small and simple ‘nudges’ can help get people back on their bikes English PDF 395.46 KB


20 Nov 2017 HSBC UK appoints new Head of Retail Banking & Wealth Management English PDF 226.02 KB

14 Nov 2017 HSBC makes changes to mortgage rates English PDF 208.52 KB

13 Nov 2017 HSBC announces changes to savings interest rates English PDF 196.81 KB


26 Oct 2017 HSBC UK talent tops OUTstanding list English PDF 287.32 KB

24 Oct 2017 HSBC UK launches new mobile banking app English PDF 194.22 KB

19 Oct 2017 HSBC UK pushes further into open banking through partnership with innovative fintech English PDF 228.63 KB

5 Oct 2017 Update: Information for customers affected by the news about Monarch Airlines

4 Oct 2017 Information for customers affected by the news about Monarch Airlines


28 Sep 2017 HSBC UK takes first step into open banking English PDF 298.29 KB

27 Sep 2017 HSBC UK City Rides attract over 100,000 people during first year English PDF 165.60 KB

19 Sep 2017 Mid-Competition Reminder: Win Prizes Worth Up To £50 With HSBC UK English PDF 349.74 KB

11 Sep 2017 HSBC removes valuation fees for all mortgage customers English PDF 195.06 KB

6 Sep 2017 UK consumers fear the pinch but many are not preparing for the future English PDF 163.94 KB


16 Aug 2017 HSBC partners with Capita to launch improved broker platform English PDF 305.82 KB

14 Aug 2017 One in five British savers in the dark when it comes to investing English PDF 103.92 KB


28 Jul 2017 UK home buyers go digital to get on the property ladder: HSBC study English PDF 373.80 KB

The future of home buying - Factsheet English PDF 513.73 KB

24 Jul 2017 HSBC UK student account extended to higher level apprentices English PDF 129.31 KB


30 Jun 2017 HSBC offers new sub-one percent mortgage and cuts 14 mortgage rates English PDF 191.57 KB

28 Jun 2017 HSBC makes key hire to augment digital innovation team English PDF 292.38 KB

20 Jun 2017 Samsung Pay launches for HSBC, First Direct and M&S customers English PDF 203.48 KB

13 Jun 2017 HSBC UK launches unique Android Pay animations with £1m giveaway English PDF 296.81 KB

6 Jun 2017 £200 when you switch and stay with HSBC English PDF 212.24 KB

1 Jun 2017 HSBC to launch personalised online investment advice English PDF 287.50 KB


30 May 2017 The robot will see you now… English PDF 226.85 KB

26 May 2017 HSBC cuts mortgage rates English PDF 206.87 KB

24 May 2017 Trust in Technology - The facts English PDF 370.68 KB

19 May 2017 Voice ID statement and Q&A English PDF 218.34 KB

9 May 2017 HSBC UK partners with RNIB to make banking easier for blind and partially sighted English PDF 201.32 KB

3 May 2017 Millennials: rise to the retirement challenge English PDF 289.89 KB

HSBC lowers mortgage rates English PDF 221.25 KB


25 Apr 2017 HSBC expands broker distribution with two new firms English PDF 310.01 KB

12 Apr 2017 HSBC UK announces plans to become a dementia friendly bank English PDF 229.62 KB

4 Apr 2017 Generation Buy English PDF 397.16 KB

Generation Buy - Factsheet English PDF 162.62 KB


31 Mar 2017 HSBC UK announces new services for trans customers English PDF 282.04 KB

23 Mar 2017 Save while you spend! HSBC SmartSave app proves a little retail therapy can go a long way English PDF 383.77 KB

10 Mar 2017 Homeowners paying thousands a year too much by sticking with a Standard Variable Rate mortgage English PDF 247.26 KB


24 Feb 2017 Deposit Dash: How to get on the property ladder by the age of 25 English PDF 513.21 KB

14 Feb 2017 HSBC announces CEO of HSBC UK English PDF 161.40 KB

10 Feb 2017 HSBC makes key mortgage distribution appointment English PDF 201.02 KB


25 Jan 2017 HSBC lowers mortgage rates English PDF 349.00 KB

24 Jan 2017 HSBC ends branch restructuring programme with planned closure of additional 62 UK branches

1 Jan 2017 British Cycling and HSBC UK partnership officially begins


5 Dec 2016 HSBC simplifies savings with HSBC SmartSave app English PDF 173.63 KB


21 Oct 2016 HSBC launches new British sign language service in branches


29 Sep 2016 The Sound of Britain in 2066

18 Sep 2016 British Cycling and HSBC UK announce lead partner deal


23 Aug 2016 HSBC saves customers over £100m in overdraft fees English PDF 385.05 KB

17 Aug 2016 Fresher pressure: First 100 days of university cost the average student £3,304 English PDF 237.91 KB

12 Aug 2016 HSBC statement to travel insurance customers following incidents in Thailand English PDF 187.81 KB


22 Jul 2016 HSBC adds four new mortgage brokers English PDF 202.51 KB

18 Jul 2016 HSBC Student Bank Account helps alleviate fresher pressure with market leading £3,000 interest-free overdraft and Amazon offer English PDF 293.53 KB

7 Jul 2016 Stability seekers: seven in ten house-hunters willing to consider fixing mortgage for 10 years English PDF 379.48 KB


21 Jun 2016 HSBC’s Leeds branches become safe places for vulnerable people English PDF 145.21 KB

HSBC launches new best in class mortgage fixed at 0.99% for two years English PDF 227.38 KB


31 May 2016 HSBC offers £200 incentive to switch to HSBC Advance and HSBC Premier Bank accounts English PDF 293.26 KB

18 May 2016 HSBC bringing added payment options to customers with Android Pay English PDF 286.21 KB


14 Apr 2016 Brits spend same amount of time choosing a new pair of shoes as buying a house English PDF 315.43 KB

7 Apr 2016 Failing to Invest: UK public in need of financial advice English PDF 99.43 KB

HSBC adds three new mortgage brokers English PDF 294.54 KB


30 Mar 2016 HSBC and first direct announce launch of British Sign Language service

23 Mar 2016 Android Pay coming to HSBC customers English PDF 195.58 KB

22 Mar 2016 Women in Finance Charter: Gender balance across financial services – HSBC UK’s Response English PDF 298.63 KB

16 Mar 2016 Budget 2016 in detail

9 Mar 2016 First HSBC UK branch unveiled in Birmingham New Street English PDF 82.67 KB


19 Feb 2016 HSBC and first direct bring biometric banking to the mainstream English PDF 318.63 KB


27 Jan 2016 The desire to retire

19 Jan 2016 HSBC trials Nudge, the world’s first banking app combining customer data and nudge theory English PDF 339.14 KB

13 Jan 2016 HSBC helps customers kick off 2016 with a bang English PDF 216.56 KB

5 Jan 2016 HSBC Online and Mobile Banking service update English PDF 285.43 KB


29 Dec 2015 Support to flood-affected communities from HSBC English PDF 79.97 KB

28 Dec 2015 New Year, New International You English PDF 150.24 KB

21 Dec 2015 Men splash out at Christmas English PDF 107.11 KB

11 Dec 2015 HSBC and University of Aberdeen provide new scholarship to overseas students English PDF 26.41 KB

8 Dec 2015 Support to flood-affected communities from HSBC English PDF 107.68 KB

3 Dec 2015 HSBC launches fee-free retail currency account English PDF 102.00 KB

1 Dec 2015 HSBC launches Help to Buy: ISA offering 2% interest English PDF 69.39 KB


25 Nov 2015 Autumn Statement 2015 English PDF 53.10 KB

HSBC UK announces 50/50 gender target English PDF 27.09 KB

18 Nov 2015 Homeowners paying £4,000 a year too much by sticking with a standard variable rate mortgage English PDF 245.84 KB

11 Nov 2015 HSBC makes a splash with ‘A Living River’ at Gatwick Airport English PDF 305.92 KB

6 Nov 2015 Important information for HSBC customers travelling to and from Egypt via Sharm el Sheikh Airport English PDF 195.22 KB


5 Oct 2015 HSBC Sudbury rises from the ashes


30 Sep 2015 Re-mortgaging more affordable as HSBC cuts mortgage rates English PDF 197.26 KB

9 Sep 2015 UK parents struggle to send children to university abroad English PDF 207.71 KB

6 Sep 2015 HSBC fundamentally changing its Buy To Let mortgage range English PDF 307.36 KB

1 Sep 2015 HSBC cuts mortgage rates and makes re-mortgaging more affordable English PDF 289.65 KB


13 Aug 2015 University of Leicester the most affordable student destination for second year running English PDF 304.50 KB

5 Aug 2015 HSBC powers ahead with renewable electricity from new UK wind farms English PDF 215.66 KB


30 Jul 2015 Euros the top travel currency at HSBC English PDF 299.98 KB

29 Jul 2015 HSBC lowers mortgage rates and makes them available to more people through London & Country English PDF 380.62 KB

16 Jul 2015 HSBC student account now available English PDF 289.52 KB

15 Jul 2015 UK parents believe university is now unaffordable for most English PDF 75.71 KB

The Value of Education - Learning for life - UK Report English PDF 1.62 MB


27 Jun 2015 Up to £240 when you switch to HSBC English PDF 291.30 KB

8 Jun 2015 Apple Pay coming to HSBC and first direct customers from July English PDF 201.28 KB


28 May 2015 Manchester is the UK’s top buy-to-let hotspot English PDF 371.93 KB

21 May 2015 Double the commute but half the deposit: homes up to £185,000 cheaper just one hour from London English PDF 306.79 KB

19 May 2015 18-30 year olds are saving more than any other age group English PDF 436.42 KB


29 Apr 2015 The end of inheritance? English PDF 387.03 KB

18 Apr 2015 HSBC launches lowest ever five year fix at 1.99% English PDF 299.05 KB


24 Mar 2015 HSBC creates ring-fenced bank head office in Birmingham English PDF 196.58 KB

19 Mar 2015 HSBC launches Easter Travel Money deals English PDF 293.38 KB

10 Mar 2015 8.5 million UK households would not last the week on their savings English PDF 370.02 KB

9 Mar 2015 HSBC buy-to-let mortgages available to even more customers English PDF 216.93 KB


17 Feb 2015 HSBC Advance customers get £10 a month plus 1.5% interest when they save in their Loyalty Cash ISA English PDF 387.71 KB

4 Feb 2015 Best-buy borrowing, 6% savings interest and all-round value with HSBC Advance English PDF 301.45 KB

2 Feb 2015 HSBC cuts two-year fixed-rate mortgage to 1.19% English PDF 205.80 KB


19 Jan 2015 UK retirement savings hit as life-long impact of the economic downturn is revealed English PDF 376.87 KB

Commercial banking media contacts

Michael Clarke
Senior Media Relations Manager
T: +44 121 265 3471
M: +44 7796704329

Penny Thorp
Media Relations Manager
T: +44 121 455 4808
M: +44 7920 419987

Commercial banking press releases


15 Dec 2016 UK service exports expected to surge to USD895bn by 2030 English PDF 106.78 KB

1 Dec 2016 HSBC launches parental leave support package for small uk businesses English PDF 158.56 KB


3 Nov 2016 SMEs call for more support as they eye growth beyond Britain’s borders English PDF 110.56 KB

Exporting for growth: the SME perspective English PDF 421.40 KB


5 Sep 2016 HSBC targets faster customer enrolment with ‘selfie’ verification technology English PDF 102.46 KB


20 Jul 2016 HSBC supporting small business investment with interest-rate matching and reduced fees English PDF 133.67 KB


22 Jun 2016 Oxford engineering company to launch £12m research facility and create 160 jobs with HSBC funding English PDF 73.48 KB

15 Jun 2016 Valorem Capital One launches international expansion with HSBC support English PDF 104.67 KB

HSBC supports St. Joseph’s Hospital with latest refurbishment project English PDF 102.67 KB


13 May 2016 Pieminister to open five new restaurants with HSBC support English PDF 72.51 KB


20 Apr 2016 HSBC launches £10 billion fund to support UK SMEs English PDF 147.12 KB

8 Apr 2016 Virtual platform cuts HSBC business loan application and approval times in half English PDF 173.51 KB

4 Apr 2016 HSBC helps Dorset company develop innovative product for the care industry English PDF 146.17 KB


22 Mar 2016 Demolition specialists expand with machine purchase English PDF 70.31 KB

16 Mar 2016 PMG Schoolwear purchases new factory and warehouse thanks to HSBC funding English PDF 70.27 KB

15 Mar 2016 Aerodyn ltd purchase new manufacturing machinary with six-figure HSBC loan English PDF 72.81 KB

14 Mar 2016 HSBC launches overdraft text alert service for business customers English PDF 68.90 KB

9 Mar 2016 HSBC helps waste recycling firm fuel new power station English PDF 84.52 KB

Theatre production company sets sights on West End and beyond with HSBC support English PDF 98.64 KB

3 Mar 2016 HSBC supports luxury highland estate’s £1.1M expansion plan English PDF 184.06 KB

2 Mar 2016 HSBC and BGF support Four Communications' expansion with £15m funding English PDF 196.57 KB

Pushchair manufacturer strolls ahead with HSBC financing English PDF 97.51 KB

1 Mar 2016 Camerons Brewery announces ambitious expansion plans following £30m HSBC finance package English PDF 94.45 KB


24 Feb 2016 Axiski has climbed mountains thanks to HSBC funding English PDF 90.93 KB

23 Feb 2016 HSBC supports Storagebase expand with opening of new store English PDF 177.23 KB

19 Feb 2016 HSBC helps chewing gum removal firm take on American market English PDF 144.64 KB

10 Feb 2016 Bonnington Plastics takes to the global stage with HSBC funding English PDF 72.44 KB

4 Feb 2016 Holly Lodge secures new mobile home park with HSBC funding package English PDF 69.87 KB

1 Feb 2016 Surrey candle manufacturer celebrates expansion with HSBC support English PDF 68.23 KB


22 Jan 2016 Children’s charity invests in growth with support from HSBC English PDF 120.38 KB

15 Jan 2016 Synapse Information expands with HSBC funding English PDF 71.36 KB

HSBC launches contactless credit cards for business and corporate customers English PDF 72.54 KB


29 Dec 2015 Support to flood-affected communities from HSBC English PDF 79.97 KB

14 Dec 2015 Payments technology set to hit the boardroom after transforming high street English PDF 27.63 KB

8 Dec 2015 UK trade confidence increases, despite sluggish global outlook English PDF 305.98 KB

Support to flood-affected communities from HSBC English PDF 107.68 KB


10 Oct 2015 ITSU to expand internationally with HSBC refinancing English PDF 93.86 KB

Football association (FA) signs £300m deal with HSBC, Barclays, and Santander English PDF 67.87 KB

5 Oct 2015 Simon Cooper, CEO of Global Commercial Banking for HSBC, comments on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) English PDF 90.43 KB


27 Aug 2015 Lancashire SME launches bottling plant, creates new jobs with HSBC financing English PDF 96.04 KB

24 Aug 2015 HSBC financing helps BAKO North Western expand English PDF 173.14 KB

17 Aug 2015 Mrs Tilly is sweet on continuing international success following £1.6m finance deal with HSBC English PDF 98.93 KB


14 Jul 2015 Northern franchise powerhouse looking to double store count with HSBC support English PDF 83.01 KB

13 Jul 2015 More than half of UK SMEs expect to take on staff in the next year: HSBC survey

More than half of UK SMEs expect to take on staff in the next year: HSBC survey - Infographic English PDF 87.15 KB


26 Jun 2015 Sussex waste management provider sweeps up larger contracts with HSBC financing worth over £1m English PDF 68.21 KB

18 Jun 2015 International Fish Canners and Nor-Sea seal £12.5m deal English PDF 82.83 KB


11 May 2015 HSBC launches most ambitious SME support package English PDF 27.79 KB

1 May 2015 Mv Commercial on the road to growth with £6 million HSBC support English PDF 23.47 KB


28 Apr 2015 Chalmerston Farm Eggs growth plans taking flight with seven-figure support from HSBC English PDF 27.37 KB

14 Apr 2015 TP3 Global raises the temperature with purchase of new premises English PDF 24.70 KB

7 Apr 2015 Bolton-based childcare provider looks to nurse growth with support from HSBC English PDF 24.79 KB


31 Mar 2015 Kick Scooter manufacturer blazes a trail to growth with new funding from HSBC English PDF 24.69 KB

30 Mar 2015 HSBC supports Engenda Group’s acquisition of Clark Eriksson English PDF 24.21 KB

27 Mar 2015 Randolph Hill Nursing Homes Group secures £26m finance to support future growth with HSBC English PDF 24.51 KB

19 Mar 2015 Contract natural gas to power ahead with support from HSBC English PDF 24.62 KB

16 Mar 2015 Ogilvie fleet on the road to further growth with support of unique multi-million pound finance package from HSBC English PDF 47.70 KB

3 Mar 2015 The ‘Brittelstand’: UK’s mid-market vital to jobs and growth English PDF 42.53 KB


18 Feb 2015 Contract Natural Gas to power ahead with support from HSBC English PDF 24.62 KB

6 Feb 2015 HSBC Invoice Finance scores hat-trick of CICMQ awards with re-accreditation of mark of quality English PDF 27.59 KB


27 Jan 2015 PANAZ continues pattern of growth with HSBC support English PDF 25.92 KB

19 Jan 2015 HSBC appoints new Head of Corporate Real Estate English PDF 92.58 KB

15 Jan 2015 London’s largest craft brewery meets rising demand with £6m funding package from HSBC English PDF 152.89 KB

8 Jan 2015 Ayrshire’s buzzworks continues growth with HSBC support English PDF 151.35 KB

Sheffield’s X-cel Superturn acquires new premises in £3m HSBC backed deal English PDF 154.39 KB